Table 4

Preferences in the management of paediatric febrile illness of parents and HCP

Parents (n=98)HCPs (n=99)
Coefficient95% CICoefficient95% CI
Staff grade
 Trainee doctor–0.244*–0.472 to –0.016–0.204*–0.398 to –0.099
 Nurse practitioner–0.135–0.368 to 0.0980.081*–0.106 to 0.27
 Consultant (reference group)0.3790.032
Likelihood of receiving antibiotics
 Low (reference group)0.1430.729
 Medium0.031–0.865 to 0.803–0.111–0.594 to 0.371
 High–0.174–0.74 to 0.392–0.618*–1 to –0.236
Moderate pain from investigations (relative to low)–0.462*–0.613 to –0.312–0.439*–0.558 to –0.32
Receive POC test during triage (relative to no)0.627*0.484 to 0.7690.723*0.562 to 0.884
Total time spent in the ED (per hour)–0.608*–0.78 to –0.435–0.679*–0.81 to –0.548
Out-of-pocket cost to parents (per £1)–0.036*–0.065 to –0.007–0.051*–0.074 to –0.028
Log likelihood–722.1–674.8
  • *Significant at 5% level. Table represents β coefficients and CIs from mixed logit regression. The regression coefficients for each attribute level represents the mean part-worth utility of that attribute level in the respondent sample. A positive value denotes utility/satisfaction, with a negative value denoting disutility/dissatisfaction.

  • ED, emergency department; HCP, healthcare provider; POC, point-of-care.