Table 1

Clinical and demographic data on children with PCD who underwent an annual review in 2015 across the four English National Children PCD Management Services

Mean (SD) n with available data
Median age in years (IQR)9.8 (5.5 to 13.8)333
Male (%)175 (52.6%)333
FEV1 z-score−1.9 (1.4)240
FEV1 % predicted76.8%240
FVC z-score−1.3 (1.5)240
FVC % predicted85.4%240
BMI z-score0 (1.4)307
Weight z-score−0.1 (1.3)159*
Height z-score−0.3 (1.1)310
Age at diagnosis2.6 (0.5 to 7.2)†321
  • *WHO Weight-for-age reference data are not available beyond age 10 hence n lower than for other anthropometric data.27

  • †Median (IQR).

  • BMI, body mass index; FEV1, forced expiratory volume in one second; FVC, forced vital capacity; PCD, primary ciliary dyskinesia.