Table 1

Admissions data for children under 15 years of age attending the Cremona and Novara paediatric emergency departments during the COVID-19 pandemic between 20 February 2020 and 30 March 2020 compared with the same period in 2019

20192020% changeP value20192020% changeP value
Admissions (n)1749664−62.01209290−76.00.001
White (n)34455−84.062251−91.8
White (%)19.78.3−57.9<0.00151.517.6−65.8<0.001
Green (n)1381576−58.3581235−59.6
Green (%)<0.001488159.2<0.0001
Yellow (n)243233.364−33.3
Yellow (%)1.21.633.3<0.0011.40.5−64.3<0.04
Red (n)000000
Red (%)0001000NS
At home (n)1660596−64.11066243−77.2
At home (%)94.989.7−5.4<0.00183.888.25NS
Hospital admission (n)425019.19840−59.9
Hospital admission (%)2.47.5213.6<0.0018.113.858.7<0.03
Other (n)4718−61.7457−84.4
Other (%)−36.8NS
  • The colour code used at the triage is as follows: red tags—(emergency, intervention time 0 min) patients cannot survive without immediate treatment but have a chance of survival; yellow tags—(urgency, 15 min) patients have at least one vital function compromised, but their condition is stable for the moment and they are not in immediate danger of death; green tags—(wait, 60 min) patients will need medical care at some point, after more critical injuries have been treated; white tags—(dismiss, no time specified) patients with minor injuries for whom a doctor's care is not required, and have possibly gone to their family paediatrician.