Table 3

Results of multivariable model showing the degree to which clinician and patient factors (represented by adjusted odds ratios and 95% CI) are associated with a cPAQC score of ≥2 used as an indicator for more guideline-adherent care (n=19 072)

CovariateAOR95% credible intervals
 Two0.120.10 to 0.14*
 Three0.020.01 to 0.05*
Clinician cadre
 MOI1.191.07 to 1.34*
Practice period
 Late1.091.02 to 1.18*
Illness severity classification
 Severe1.821.68 to 1.96*
Clinician gender
 Female1.020.92 to 1.13
Child sex
 Male1.010.95 to 1.09
Child age (months)
 12–591.211.13 to 1.30*
  • *Denotes a statistically significant relationship where <1 means less guideline adherent and >1 means more guideline adherent.

  • AOR, adjusted odds ratio; COI, clinical officer intern; cPAQC, correctness of Paediatric Admission Quality of Care; MOI, medical officer intern.