Table 1

Comparison of paediatric emergency department presentations and hospitalisations for domestic accidents, overall and by domestic accident category, during the COVID-19 outbreak lockdown and the corresponding period of the previous year

Study period
8 March–20 April 2020
Control period previous year
8 March–20 April
P value
Total number of PED presentations>1 year7962917
Total number of presentations for domestic accidents>1 year178148
Total number of hospitalisations for domestic accidents>1 year204
IRR (95% CI) for domestic accident presentations1.2 (1.0 to 1.5)0.09
IRR (95% CI) for domestic accident hospitalisations5.0 (1.7 to 14.6)0.003
IRR (95% CI) for hospitalisations4.6 (1.2 to 18.1)0.03
IRR (95% CI) for hospitalisations9.0 (0.5 to 167.2)0.14
IRR (95% CI) for hospitalisations1.7 (0.2 to 12.6)0.62
Foreign bodiesHospitalisations/presentations3/241/12
IRR (95% CI) for hospitalisations2.3 (0.3 to 15.8)0.39
  • IRR, incidence rate ratio; PED, paediatric emergency department.