Table 4

‚ÄčTable of recommendations

Key recommendations
Improving knowledge and training for staff and carers
  • Promote standardisation of training and spreading of best practice, including competencies, and regular updates.

  • Use simulation training for preparing staff and carers for emergencies such as an unplanned tracheostomy change.

  • Use existing resources18 to ensure training for parents is consistently good.

Maintenance and availability of equipment
  • Ensure correct spare equipment is available and that families know who to call for technical support.

  • Ensure incidents are reported to manufacturers and that design solutions are implemented.

Improving care packages and support for parents
  • Set national minimum standards in care packages to ensure parents are confident in the care their child is receiving.

  • Make reporting incidents easier for families.

Coordination of support services
  • Set clear national standards across the patient pathway to improve coordination and communication between services.

  • Ensure commissioners and care providers have high-quality systems in place to train and support those providing high-risk care.