Table 4

Comparison of anthropometric measures taken within 24 hours of life and day 5 of life (n=127)

Mean (SD) at day 1 of lifeMean (SD) at day 5 of lifeMean difference
(day 1−day 5)
95% CIP value
FL7.82(0.49)7.91(0.49)−0.09−0.14 to −0.030.003
MUAC10.27(0.89)9.98(1.04)0.290.17 to 0.40<0.001
CHC33.02(2.44)33.42(2.40)−0.40−0.66 to −0.130.004
  • CHC, chest circumference; FL, foot length; MUAC, mid-upper arm circumference.