Table 2

Costs used in economic model

Unit prices per unit of care
ItemUnit cost (GBP)DistributionSource
 Cleaning fluid (clorhexidine)0.76FixedRCH Procurement
 Dressing pack0.2FixedRCH Procurement
 Gauze pack0.09FixedRCH Procurement
 Specimen jar0.05FixedRCH Procurement
 Syringe0.02FixedRCH Procurement
 Urine bag0.43FixedRCH Procurement
 Saline ampoule0.04FixedRCH Pharmacy
 Bluey0.06FixedRCH Procurement
 Lubricant sachet0.31FixedRCH Procurement
 Catheter tube0.14FixedRCH Procurement
 Needle and syringe0.03FixedRCH Procurement
 Sterile gloves0.67FixedRCH Procurement
 Non-sterile gloves0.03FixedRCH Procurement
 Specimen bag0.02FixedRCH Procurement
 Dipstick0.07FixedRCH Procurement
 Laboratory culture9.89FixedMedicare benefits scheme
Costs related to time per test
ItemValue (GBP)
 ED nurse18.26/hourMin 16.96/hour, max 30.89/hourVictorian Public Sector Nursing Award 2016–2020†
 ED senior trainee doctor27.45/hourMin 19.95/hour, max 37.19/hourAMA Victoria Doctor In Training Award 2013–2017†
 ED consultant doctor87.07/hourMin 73.56/hour, max 95.87/hourAMA Victoria Medical Specialists Award 2013–2017†
 ED bed
 (total cost per presentation)
60.66/hour95% CI
8.09 to 121.31/hour
Department of Health & Human Services,
RCH average cost 2015/2016
  • *Mean staff level based on estimate of RN grade 2 year 3 nurse, registrar year 3 doctor, specialist year 5 senior doctor.

  • †Base salary plus 23.62% hospital on-costs.

  • AMA, Australian Medical Association; ED, emergency department; RCH, Royal Children’s Hospital.