Table 3

Maternal experience of IPV in relation to report of both child diarrhoea and ARI

Experience of IPV by typeReport of diarrhoea and ARI
N IPV cases/n IPV non-casesCrude OR
(95% CI)
(95% CI)
Experience of any type of IPV114/6042.60 (2.01 to 3.35)2.64 (1.99 to 3.50)
Emotional only45/1903.26 (2.27 to 4.67)3.64 (2.40 to 5.50)
Emotional and physical41/2032.78 (1.92 to 4.02)2.91 (1.93 to 4.41)
  • *Adjusted OR covariates: child's age, mother’s age at birth, maternal education, wealth index, mother’s smoking status, place of residence, survey year and adjusted for clustering by mother using a Huber-White sandwich estimator.

  • aOR, adjusted OR; ARI, acute respiratory infection; IPV, intimate partner violence.