Table 4

Mortality rates and calculated rate ratio

AuthorMortality rate/1000 deliveries pre-HBBMortality rate/1000 deliveries post-HBB95% CIP valueRR
Mortality rates of deliveries
Perinatal mortality
 Bellad et al 25.423.4−3.11 to 7.800.390.92
 Kc et al 30.923.3<0.0010.75
Intrapartum-related stillbirths
 Arabi et al
 Bellad et al 12.59.5−0.21 to  7.700.060.76
 Goudar et al to  0.78≤0.0010.53
 Kc et al to  0.66<0.0010.36
 Mduma et al
 Msemo et al to  0.900.0010.76
Mortality rate of live births
1-day neonatal mortality
 Bellad et al 19.418.6−3.65 to  5.260.720.96
 Kc et al 5.21.9<0.0010.37
 Mduma et al to  0.980.040.65
 Msemo et al to  0.65<0.00010.53
 Wrammert et al 5.51.9<0.010.35
7-day neonatal mortality
 Arabi et al
 Bellad et al 13.014.0−5.45 to  2.640.491.08
 Wrammert et al
7–28-day neonatal mortality
 Wrammert et al
28-day neonatal mortality
 Goudar et al to  1.470.591.06
 Wrammert et al 12.811.70.460.91
  • RR, rate ratio.