Table 1

Types of participating healthcare facilities in the study

VariableGhanaGuatemalaEl SalvadorTotal
Type of healthcare facility* —Total91111
 District, government hospital†33
 District, mission hospital‡33
 Municipal, mission hospital‡11
 Regional, government hospital†11
 National hospital11
 Maternal and child hospital§112
Type of ward—Total91111
 Paediatric malnutrition unit44
 General (for both adults and children)11
 Emergency nutrition department11
Type of outpatient department—Total99
  • *Limited to the hospitals from which the abstraction of data from medical records was carried out. The eleven participating hospitals are: Maternal and Child Health Hospital (MCHH), St Michael’s Hospital (SMiH), Ejura Government Hospital (EGH), Agogo Presby Hospital (APH), St Patrick’s Hospital (SPH), St Martin’s Hospital (SMaH), Konongo Government Hospital (KGH), Kumasi South Hospital (KSH) and Mankranso Government Hospital (MGH) in Ghana; Hospital Juan Pable II (HJP) in Guatemala; and Hospital Nacional Zacamil (HNZ) in El Salvador.

  • †Hospitals that are funded by government (Ghana Health Service) and located in Ashanti region offering primary care service: EGH, KGH and MGH (district hospitals) and KSH (regional hospital).

  • ‡Hospitals that are in partnership with Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG): SMH, APH, SPH and SMaH.

  • §Includes MCHH in Ghana. MCHH is a government hospital in Kumasi but it offers a dedicated care for malnourished children and adults. MCHH has SAM only inpatient ward and outpatient department unlike other district/regional government hospitals.

  • SAM, severe acute malnutrition.