Table 1

Studies on the pathogenicity of Dientamoeba fragilis. Excluding case studies and studies published before the year 2000

StudyResearch questionConsiders Dientamoeba to beDetection method
Is the presence of GI symptoms linked to positive stool tests?Does eradication lead to resolution of symptoms?PathogenicNot pathogenic
de Wit de et al 17 LM
Bosman et al 18 TFT
Stark et al 19 PCR
Vandenberg et al 20 PCR and TFT
Kurt et al 21 LM
Stark et al 22 PCR
Yakoob et al 23 PCR and LM
Engsbro et al 24 PCR
de Jong et al 12 PCR
Röser et al 25 PCR
Bruijnesteijn van Coppenraet et al 13 PCR
Krogsgaard et al 11 PCR and LM
Ögren et al 26 PCR and LM
Holtman et al 14 PCR
Jokelainen et al 15 PCR
  • GI, gastrointestinal; LM, light microscopy; TFT, triple faeces test.