Table 3

Association of coronary artery status with individual variables

CriterionCAA+ (n=95)CAA− (n=417)P values
Male62 (69%)247 (59%)0.27, NS
Median lowest
albumin, g/L
Range(13–41) n=83(21–49) n=372
Median lowest
sodium, mmol/L
1341340.92, NS
Range(125–142) n=48(123–141) n=210
Median lowest
platelet count, ×109/L
2122450.15, NS
Range(30–442) n=95(54–450) n=415
Median age months
at presentation
Range(2.4–190.0) n=93(1.2–190.0) n=409
Median time to
treatment (days)
Mucosal involvement
at diagnosis
77/95 (81%)360/416 (87%)0.19, NS
December–May presentation64/95 (67%)245/416 (59%)0.12, NS
Presentation before 1 February 201453/95 (56%)210/416 (50%)0.35, NS
Primary steroid use11/95 (12%)13 (3%)
Late corticosteroid use13 (14%)12 (3%)
No corticosteroid use67/92 (73%)359/384 (93%)0.03
  • P value is the difference in median: NS. The numbers of patients receiving corticosteroids were too small for meaningful statistical testing. There were 11 children in whom the weights and z scores were missing and so have not been included in the table.

  • CAA+, those with coronary artery aneurysms; CAA−, those without aneurysms.