Table 2

Measures of effects by compression technique (n=42)

CPR technique mean valueCPR technique median valueDifference*P values†
Technique measures
 Compression depth (mm)39.837.840.<0.01
 Mean rate (compressions per minute)114.1116.1114.0117.5−2.0−3.50.31
 Deep enough compressions (%)‡9.00.78‡
 Compressions with adequate rate (%)59.657.568.057.03.7‡11.00.45‡
 Compression fraction (%)69.673.372.074.0−3.7−2.00.03§
 Correct hand position (%)82.885.196.093.5−§
 Correctly released compression (%)53.274.847.588.0−21.6−40.5<0.01
 Average hands-off time (s)30.227.828.828.§
 No flow time (s)130.7128.1129.6124.§
Self-reported measures
 Tiredness score3.−0.2−0.50.98
 Pain score4.−0.9−2.00.07
  • *Matched measure of effect.

  • †Two-sided Wald test p value, unless specified.

  • ‡Adjusting for ordering of training, due to change in estimates greater than 20%.

  • §Rank-based p value, due to violation of regression assumptions.

  • CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation; TF, two-finger; TT, two-thumb.