Table 3

Proportion of projects reporting on child development and intermediary outcomes across Seed (n=34), Transition to Scale (n=5) and all (n=39) projects combined

Domain of child developmentalSeed grants % reporting
Transition-to-Scale grants % reporting (n=5)Total
Motor/growth82 (n=28)80 (n=4)78 (n=32)
Cognition88 (n=30)80 (n=4)83 (n=34)
Language and communication88 (n=30)80 (n=4)83 (n=34)
Socioemotional87 (n=27)80 (n=4)76 (n=31)
Identity and self-efficacy: spiritual and cultural6 (n=2)40 (n=2)10 (n=4)
Intermediary outcomes
 Caregiver physical health6 (n=2)40 (n=2)28 (n=11)
 Caregiver mental health9 (n=3)40 (n=2)41 (n=16)
 Caregiver capabilities18 (n=6)100 (n=5)80 (n=31)
 Caregiver child interaction18 (n=6)100 (n=5)67 (n=26)
 Home environment15 (n=5)100 (n=5)56 (n=22)
 Community environment or access to services3 (n=1)60 (n=3)41 (n=16)
 Protection from abuse or exploitation0 (n=0)20 (n=1)8 (n=3)