Table 4

Univariable logistic regression analysis for predictive variables of LTBI (n=109). 

%OR95% CIP values
 Female35/5860.31.150.54 to 2.480.713
Age* (years)
 ≥548/7564.02.000.88 to 4.550.098
District where the contact lives
 Yerevan19/3161.31.160.50 to 2.720.731
BCG vaccination scar
 Yes29/4761.71.240.57 to 2.690.582
Number of rooms in the household†
 ≤461/9365.67.872.07 to 29.970.002
Number of bedrooms‡
 >35/683.33.730.42 to 33.060.237
Number of people in the household
 >710/1283.33.980.83 to 19.140.085
Household density§
 <1.5 person per room15/3740.5Ref
 ≥1.5 person per room49/7268.13.121.37 to 7.110.007
Sleeps in same house as index case
 Yes55/8564.73.061.20 to 7.810.020
Sleeps in same room as index case
 Yes19/3161.31.160.50 to 2.720.731
Relationship with index case
 Infant or sibling46/6570.83.501.56 to 7.820.002
Daily exposure to index case
 Yes57/9262.02.330.81 to 6.670.116
TST done previously
 Yes43/5874.14.101.82 to 9.210.001
Index case age¶ (years)
 <307/2133.30.120.04 to 0.37<0.001
 >5011/3135.50.130.05 to 0.35<0.001
Index case smear result**
 <++13/1968.43.871.20 to 12.440.023
 ++/+++37/5172.54.721.92 to 11.580.001
Index case with lung cavities
 Yes59/9562.12.950.92 to 9.500.070
Index case with cough
 Yes53/8760.91.560.61 to 3.990.355
Index case previously treated for TB
 No49/7466.22.611.15 to 5.960.022
Index case resistance pattern
 None to MDR18/3158.1
 MDR45/7560.01.080.46 to 2.530.854
Child exposed to other TB cases
 Yes5/683.33.730.42 to 33.060.237
  • OR; Unadjusted OR.

  • p - v a l u e s   < 0 . 0 0 5   i n   b o l d .

  • *P for trend: 0.111; †p trend: 0.149; ‡p trend: 0.932; §p trend: 0.430; ¶p trend: 0.101; **p trend: 0.001.

  • BCG, bacille calmette- Guerin; LTBI, latent TB infection; MDR, multidrug-resistant; ref, reference; TB, tuberculosis; TST, tuberculin skin test.