Table 1

Characteristics of paediatric contacts of patients with drug-resistant TB (n=150)

Characteristicsn (%)
Age (median in years, IQR)6 (3–10)
Age groups (years)
 <2 24 (16.0)
 2–436 (24.0)
 >590 (60.0)
 Male70 (46.7)
 Female80 (53.3)
Nutrition status
 Adequate144 (96.0)
 Stunting*5 (3.3)
 Wasting†1 (0.7)
Previous treatment for active TB received0 (0.0)
Previous isoniazid preventive treatment received7 (4.7)
BCG-vaccinated149 (99.3)
BCG scar present76 (51.0)
Comorbidities‡4 (2.7)
Living conditions (median, IQR)
 Number of people living in the same house5 (4–7)
 Number of rooms in the house3 (2–4)
 Number of bedrooms in the house2 (2–3)
Exposure to smoke
 Child who smokes cigarettes1 (0.7)
 Child exposed to cigarette smoke114 (76.0)
 Child exposed to other types of household smoke (eg, wood burner)71 (47.3)
Sleeps in the same house as index case118 (78.7)
Sleeps in the same room as index case41 (34.8)
Daily contact with the index case123 (82.0)
Number of hours of exposure per week (median, IQR)42 (14–84)
Sibling or infant of the index case84 (56.0)
Known exposure to an additional patient with TB5 (3.3)
Place of residence
 Yerevan city46 (30.7)
 Other regions104 (69.3)
  • *Stunting: height for age <–2 SD of the WHO Child Growth Standards median.

  • †Wasting: weight for height <–2 SD of the WHO Child Growth Standards median for children up to 5 years.

  • ‡Comorbidities: one vesicoureteral reflux, one aortic valve stenosis, one Down’s syndrome and one developmental delay.

  • BCG, bacille Clmette-Guerin; IQR, interquartile range; TB, tuberculosis.