Table 2

Clinical epidemiology of published paediatric cases with fungaemia caused by Candida haemulonii and Candida pseudohaemulonii

Patient number (reference)CountrySex/ageUnderlying conditionCandida speciesTreatmentOutcome
1 (Khan et al 24)KuwaitM/6 weeksPrematuritas, hernia diaphragmatica C. haemulonii L-AmB, Caspo, FLUDied
2 (Khan et al 24)KuwaitM/10 weeksPrematuritas, ELBW C. haemulonii FLUSurvived
3 (Khan et al 24)KuwaitF/7 weeksPrematuritas, ELBW C. haemulonii d-AmB, CaspoSurvived
4 (Khan et al 24)KuwaitF/1 monthPrematuritas, LBW C. haemulonii L-AmBDied
5 (Kim et al 2)KoreaM/10 yearsNasopharyngeal cancer, upper gastrointestinal bleeding C. haemulonii ITRA, d-AmB, FLUSurvived
6 (Kim et al 2)KoreaM/10 monthsNecrotising enterocolitis C. pseudohaemulonii FLUSurvived
7 (Kim et al 2)KoreaM/2 yearsAcquired combined immunodeficiency C. pseudohaemulonii d-AmBDied
8 (Kim et al 2)KoreaF/2 monthsNecrotising enterocolitis C. pseudohaemulonii FLU, d-AmB, L-AmBSurvived
9 (Kim et al 2)KoreaF/12 monthsCardiac defect C. pseudohaemulonii L-AmB, FLUDied
10 (Kim et al 2)KoreaF/2 yearsCardiac defect C. pseudohaemulonii FLUSurvived
11 (Muro et al 25)BrazilF/19 monthsDown syndrome, cardiac surgery, chylothorax C. haemulonii d-AmB, L-AmB, FLUSurvived
12 (Muro et al 25)BrazilF/9 yearsEwing’s sarcoma, febrile neutropaenia C. haemulonii d-AmBSurvived
13 (Silva et al 26)BrazilF/3 weeksPrematuritas, ELBW C. haemulonii FLUSurvived
  • Caspo, caspofungin; d-AMB, amphotericin deoxycholate; ELBW, extreme low birth weight; FLU, fluconazole; L-AmB, liposomal amphotericin B; LBW, low birth weight; ITRA, itraconazole.