Table 1

Clinical epidemiology of published paediatric cases with Candida auris infections

Patient number (reference)CountrySex/ageUnderlying conditionPositive culturesLocalisation of infectionTreatmentOutcome
1 (Lee et al 3)South KoreaF/1 yearTraumatic respiratory arrest
Aspiration pneumonia
BloodBlood streamFLU, removal CVCSurvived
2 (Chowdhary et al 8)IndiaF/3 daysPrematuritas, TEF, ICH, bacterial sepsisBloodBlood streamCaspoDied
3 (Chowdhary et al 8)IndiaF/10 daysPrematuritas, ELBW, bacterial sepsisBloodBlood streamd-AmBSurvived
4 (Chowdhary et al 8)IndiaF/28 daysPneumonia, late-onset sepsisBloodBlood streamd-AmBSurvived
5 (Chowdhary et al 8)IndiaF/45 daysMeningitis, septic shock, cardiac defectBloodBlood streamd-AmBSurvived
6 (Chowdhary et al 8)IndiaM/10 yearsALL, chronic kidney diseaseBloodBlood streamnoneDied
7 (Chowdhary et al 9)IndiaM/2 yearsShort-bowel syndrome, intestinal perforation, pneumonia, bacterial sepsisBlood,
tip CVC
Blood streamFLU, d-AmB, removal CVCSurvived
8 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaF/30 daysPrematuritas, sepsisBloodBlood streamAmB, VORIDied
9 (Calvo et al 12 VenezuelaF/13 daysPrematuritas, colon atresia, sepsis, abdominal surgeryBloodBlood streamVORI, AmB, CaspoDied
10 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaM/17 daysAbdominal surgery, sepsisBloodBlood streamFLUDied
11 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaF/23 daysPrematuritas, septic shockBloodBlood streamCaspoSurvived
12 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaM/18 daysPrematuritas, sepsisBloodBlood streamFLU, VORI, CaspoDied
13 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaM/2 daysIntestinal atresia, congenital heart disease, abdominal surgeryBloodBlood streamCaspoSurvived
14 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaM/12 daysNEC, HIE, sepsis, abdominal surgeryBloodBlood streamVORI, CaspoSurvived
15 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaM/11 daysPrematuritas, NEC, sepsis, abdominal surgeryBloodBlood streamAmB, CaspoSurvived
16 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaF/18 daysPrematuritas, abdominal wall defect, sepsis, abdominal surgeryBloodBlood streamVORISurvived
17 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaF/14 yearsSeptic shockBloodBlood streamVORI, Anidula, CaspoSurvived
18 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaF/10 daysPrematuritas, HIE, sepsisBloodBlood streamFLUSurvived
19 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaF/2 monthsMeningocele, congenital hydrocephalus, sepsisBloodBlood streamVORI, CaspoSurvived
20 (Calvo et al 12)VenezuelaM/1 monthPrematuritas, RDS, sepsisBloodBlood streamVORI, CaspoSurvived
21 (Kim et al 2)KoreaNot availableChronic otitis mediaEarEarn.a.Survived
22 (Kim et al 2)KoreaNot availableChronic otitis mediaEarEarn.a.Survived
23 (Kim et al 2)KoreaNot availableChronic otitis mediaEarEarn.a.Survived
  • ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia; AmB, amphotericin B; anidula, anidulafungin; caspo, caspofungin; CVC, central vascular catheter; d-AMB, amphotericin deoxycholate; ELBW, extreme low-birth weight; HIE, hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy; ICH, intracerebral haemorrhage; FLU, fluconazole; NEC, necrotising enterocolitis; RDS, respiratory distress syndrome; TEF, trachea o esophageal fistula; VORI, voriconazole.