Table 4

Some of the modifiable factors identified during the audit meetings

Modifiable factorChildren >1
Insufficient patient assessment516
Insufficient emergency department management6
Insufficient treatment and management in the ward712
Insufficient ward nursing care38
Insufficient documentation12* 3
Inadequate laboratory testing or tests not available1321
No attendance at antenatal clinics14
Lack of antenatal counselling4
Insufficient obstetric management: delayed delivery of distressed baby7
Late obstetric to paediatric communication of high-risk delivery6
Poor neonatal resuscitation4
Shortage of CPAP for the management of respiratory distress syndrome8
Delayed presentation from home (child being unwell for 2 weeks or more before primary presentation)5
Delayed referral from primary healthcare62
Uncommunicated or unaccompanied referral from another province6
Children with chronic illness lost to follow-up3
  • *Insufficient fluid chart documentation.

  • CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure.