Table 3

HUI3 and HUI2 HRQL utility scores, by trial arm and for complete case and multiple imputation analyses

HUI versionControl group (n=70)Hypothermia group (n=75)Mean difference 
(95% CI)
Multiple imputation analysis
 HUI3 score (Canadian valuation)7000.6180.0587500.7300.0490.112 (−0.038 to 0.262)
 HUI2 score (Canadian valuation)7000.7440.0377500.8210.0320.078 (−0.019 to 0.174)
 HUI2 score (UK valuation)7000.7330.0387500.8090.0320.076 (−0.021 to 0.174)
Complete case analysis*
 HUI3 score (Canadian valuation)6640.6580.4560.0567230.7460.4090.0480.089 (−0.057 to 0.234)
 HUI2 score (Canadian valuation)6640.7720.2920.0367140.8290.2660.0320.057 (−0.038 to 0.151)
 HUI2 score (UK valuation)6640.7630.2900.0367140.8210.2630.0310.058 (−0.035 to 0.152)
  • SD standard deviation; SE standard error; CI parametric confidence intervals; *Children for whom an HUI utility score was calculable from questionnaire responses.

  • HRQL, health-related quality of life; HUI, Health Utilities Index.