Table 3

Results of flexible parametric survival modelling for survival to 365 days after discharge from PICU

HR95% CIsp Value
Age category
 <1 yearRef
 1–4 years0.830.800.87<0.001
 5–10 years0.770.730.82<0.001
 11–15 years0.850.800.90<0.001
 Non-South AsianRef
 South Asian1.191.131.25<0.001
Deprivation category
 Category 1 (least deprived)Ref
 Category 20.990.921.050.66
 Category 31.030.961.090.41
 Category 5 (most deprived)
Diagnostic group (reason for PICU admission)
 Blood and lymph0.980.821.170.79
 Body wall and cavities0.630.540.72<0.001
Risk of mortality (PIM2)
 1% to <5%<0.001
 5% to <15%1.551.451.64<0.001
 15% to <30%2.071.882.28<0.001
LOS PICU (days)
 1 to <3Ref
 3 to <
 7 to <<0.001
 14 to <281.581.471.71<0.001
Type of PICU admission
 Planned, after surgeryRef
 Unplanned, after surgery1.221.121.33<0.001
 Planned other1.651.541.78<0.001
 Not known1.170.761.780.48
Year of admission0.970.960.98<0.001
  • n=91 614.

  • HR, hazard ratio; LLC, life-limiting condition; LOS, length of stay; PICU, paediatric intensive care unit; PIM2, Paediatric Index of Mortality 2.