Table 3

Guideline dissemination efforts in included studies

Study IDCountryYearOnline publicationOnline self-care advice to the publicHard copy disseminationPublic media campaignsNewspapersWorkshops or lectures for physiciansDebates or round tables for physiciansAntibiotic stewardship campaigns* Patient leaflet
Tyrstrup et al 14 Sweden2010
Palma et al 11 Italy2010
Levy et al 9France2011
McGrath et al 10 USA2004
Coco et al 8 USA2004
Thompson et al 13 UK2003
Ríos et al 12Spain2001
  • *Antibiotic stewardship campaigns specifically set up with the aim to promote guideline awareness, through various methods (eg, lectures, educational outreach visits).

  • †Guideline dissemination methods solely based on article, authors not available for correspondence.