Table 1

Comparison of FCC and FIC at RHC, Glasgow

Family-Centred Care (based on Bliss Baby Charter)Family Integrated Care at RHC, Glasgow
Parent involvement in careParents are encouraged to be involved in their baby’s day-to-day cares, with increasing responsibility during admission and before discharge.Parents receive structured teaching and training. They are encouraged to be actively involved in the appropriate care of their baby throughout admission.
RelationshipsStaff are primary caregivers, supporting families to be present and involved in care.Parents are integral members of the caregiving team. Families and staff work together to design and implement the Family Integrated Care policy.
EnvironmentParents have unrestricted access.The neonatal unit is a welcoming, shared environment for families and staff with unrestricted access at all times. Families collaborate in unit design and policies.
Staff roleStaff support parents to be involved in care.Staff are confident teachers and mentors to parents, supporting them as primary caregivers. All staff contribute to the design and implementation of FIC.
CommunicationParents are involved in all major decisions. They are invited to attend ward rounds.Families actively participate on ward rounds and handovers and are involved in all discussions and decision-making. Video messages are used to involve them when they cannot be present.
Peer-to-peer supportParents meet and support each other. Veteran parents return to share their experiences.
  • FCC, Family-Centred Care; FIC, Family Integrated Care; RHC, Royal Hospital of Children.