Table 2

Scores of the prospective pilot

Item*nMedianRange (min–max)
 Ease of use933 (1–4)
 Completeness942 (3–5)
 Ease of use933 (1–4)
 Completeness942 (3–5)
Needs, wishes, goals
 Ease of use933 (1–4)
 Completeness942 (3–5)
Medication and nutrition
 Ease of use834 (1–5)
 Completeness743 (2–5)
 Ease of use83.54 (1–5)
 Completeness842 (3–5)
Complementary care/wellness
 Ease of use934 (1–5)
 Completeness831 (3–4)
IPPCP – general
 Ease of use933 (1–4)
 Completeness953 (2–5)
 Usability934 (1–5)
 Change compared with current situation944 (1–5)
 Completeness84.52 (3–5)
 Amount of information832 (3–5)
 Change compared with use of guideline843 (2–5)
 Worthwhile addition to IPPCP84.54 (1–5)
  • *All scoring items ranged from 1 to 5. For ease of use, this was from ‘very bad’ (1) to ‘very good’ (5); for completeness, this was from ‘very incomplete’ (1) to ‘very complete’ (5); for usability, this was from ‘very unusable’ (1) to ‘very usable’ (5); for change compared with current situation, this was from ‘major worsening’ (1) to ‘major improvement’ (5); for amount of information, this was from ‘too little information’ (1) to ‘too much information’ (5); for change compared with use of the guideline, this was from ‘very negative change’ (1) to ‘very positive change’ (5); for worthwhile addition to IPPCP, this was from ‘very unworthwhile addition’ (1) to ‘very worthwhile addition’ (5).

  • IPPCP, individualised paediatric palliative care plan.