Table 1

Involved professionals

Core group Working groups
 Paediatrician specialised in palliative carePHY/PSY
 Paediatric oncologistPHY
 Paediatrician trained in epidemiologyPHY
 Director non-profit paediatric palliative care organisationPSY
 Director paediatric home care organisationPHY
 Board member paediatric nurse organisationPHY
 PhD student paediatric oncologyPHY/PSY
Project group
 Parent of a deceased girlPHY
 Parent of a deceased boyPSY
 Paediatric oncologistPHY
 Paediatric oncologistPHY/PSY
 Paediatrician specialised in hereditary and congenital diseasesPHY
 Paediatric intensive care unit nursePHY
 General practitionerPHY/PSY
 Paediatric nursePHY
 General paediatricianPHY
 Staff member non-profit paediatric oncology organisationPSY
 Staff member non-profit paediatric palliative care organisationPSY
 Child life specialistPSY
 Spiritual caretakerPSY
 Paediatric oncologist
 Hospital pharmacist
 Paediatric neurologist
 Paediatric critical care specialist
 Paediatric pulmonologist
 Paediatric anaesthetist
 Physician assistant specialised in paediatric pain
  • PHY, working group focusing on physical aspects of paediatric palliative care, PSY, working group focusing on psychosocial aspects of paediatric palliative care.