Table 6

Linear regression on effects of years after burn injury, months follow-up in hospital and burn severity by TBSA on mean NAPLAN scores

DomainEstimateSEt-valueP value
Effect of increase in years after burn injury, by year on NAPLAN average performance
Year 3
 Grammar and punctuation2.811.342.11<0.05
Year 5
 Grammar and punctuation5.361.184.53<0.001
Year 7
 Grammar and punctuation0.901.800.500.6168
Effect of increased follow-up in hospitalisation, by month on NAPLAN average performance
Year 3
 Grammar and punctuation−0.160.10−1.620.11
Year 5
 Grammar and punctuation0.
Year 7
 Grammar and punctuation−0.110.10−1.050.30
Effect of increase in TBSA by 10% on NAPLAN average performance
Year 3
 Grammar and punctuation8.6315.93−0.540.59
Year 5
 Grammar and punctuation−50.0412.53−4.00<0.001
Year 7
 Grammar and punctuation0.384.310.090.93
Rates of burn severity by TBSA in burn injury cohort
TBSA (%)Rate (%)
<101362 (87.5)
10–19132 (8.5)
20–2936 (2.3)
30–3914 (0.9)
40–498 (0.5)
50–591 (0.1)
80–891 (0.1)
90–992 (0.2)
  • NAPLAN, National Assessment Plan for Literacy and Numeracy; TBSA, total body surface area.