Table 2

Five areas of FIC implementation at RHC, Glasgow

Area of FICExamples of work by this subgroup
CommunicationShared family staff whiteboards for each patient
Secure video messages for families
Monthly newsletter
Twitter page
Parent FIC information leaflet
Parent educationDaily family education sessions
Cot-side teaching and support from staff
Text message reminders and information links
Peer-to-peer supportGraduate/veteran parent sessions
Annual neonatal reunion party
Parent volunteers (Bliss)
Staff educationSurvey of staff opinion and knowledge
Staff teaching sessions and videos
Cot-side support from nursing educators
Resources and environmentCodesigned cot cards, milestone cards and unit decor
Family update sheet (cot-side sheet completed by parents to indicate care and prompt staff support and teaching)
Privacy screens and feeding chairs
Biometric (fingerprint) access to Unit
New policy for parent access 24/7
Revised visitor policy
Neonatal and sibling book packs to promote reading
  • Adapted from the Four Pillars of FIC.

  • FIC, Family Integrated Care; RHC, Royal Hospital for Children.