Table 2

Adjusted estimates of the treatment effect of DIS at week-4

CoefficientSE95% CI
Model 1
 Unadjusted treatment effect6.84.2−1.615.3
Model 2
 Adjusted treatment effect6.84.2−1.715.2
 Severity of drooling:
 Saliva usually only on lips/chin
 Saliva on lips, chin and clothes5.97.0−8.019.8
Model 3
 Adjusted treatment effect4.04.2−4.412.5
 Saliva on lips, chin and clothes1.67.4−13.016.3
 Age at start of treatment1.20.7−0.22.5
 Baseline DIS score0.30.2−0.020.58
  • DIS, Drooling Impact Scale.