Table 1

Relationship between first symptom code recorded (within 2 years prior to slipped capital femoral epiphysis diagnosis) and the time/number of attendances until diagnosis

Initial symptom codeMedian time to index date of diagnostic record (IQR)Median number of additional visits with a relevant symptom code from first record of symptoms to diagnosis (IQR)
Hip pain (n=164)20 days (5–126)1 (1–2)
Knee pain (n=78)161 (27–278)2 (1–3)
Gait (n=23)21 (7–72)2 (1–3)
Misc leg pain (n=62)74 (15–192)2 (1–3)
Total (n=254)
26 (5–156)
1 (1–2)