Table 4

MRI abnormalities seen in our cohort

MR abnormalitiesAll participantsEDI and no additional featuresEDI and additional features
Specific abnormalities likely to explain EDI or point towards a diagnosis
Hypoxic ischaemic injury:
  • Periventricular leukomalacia

  • Central (predominately basal ganglia)

  • Peripheral (predominately watershed areas)

Toxic metabolic17017
Brain malformation37235
Previous infection000
Specific or non-specific abnormalities not likely to explain EDI
Posterior fossa abnormalities, such as Chiari malformation615
Cavum septum pellucidum202
Under-opercularisation of the Sylvian fissure000
Reduced volume of white matter/grey matter21219
Delayed myelination12012
Non-specific white matter abnormality or focal gliosis30228
Arachnoid cyst202
Optic nerve hypoplasia without evidence of septic optic dysplasia000
Subdural collection/effusion000
Non-specific MRS abnormalities211
  • EDI,¬†early developmental impairment.