Table 1

Nutrition intervention/programmes in low and middle income countries

Geographic regionCountryAuthor, yearProgramme nameStudy designStudy population and settingTime periodProgramme componentsAARREffective programme
AsiaBangladeshSmith et al 17 Strengthening household ability to respond to development opportunities (Shouhardo)Cross-sectional surveysChildren 6–24 months, poorest household2006–2010Nutrition education and counselling; GMP; Vit A and IFS; immunisation; HFP, access to local health facilities; sanitation; women empowerment; PFSA; SSN4.5Yes
BangladeshArifeen et al 18 Integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI) programmeCluster randomised trialRural children 0–59 months2000–2007Nutrition education and counselling; GMP; IMCI2.9No
CambodiaIkeda et al 19 National nutrition programmeCross-sectional surveysChildren 0–59 months2000–2010IYCF; MNP; IMCI; parental education; HFP; WASH; reduction of maternal tobacco use1.03No
IndiaHaddad et al 20 Integrated child development services programmeCross-sectional surveysChildren 6–24 months, poorest household2006–2012Nutrition education and counselling; IYCF; Vit A and IFS; immunisation; IMCI; FF and FS; deworming; PFSA; SSN; HFP; women empowerment, child psychosocial stimulation; community kitchen and garden; telemedicine; WASH;2.2No
NepalBilukha et al 21 The vita-mix-it distribution programmePre–post designBhutanese children 6–59 months, Nepal refugee camps2007–2010Nutrition education and counselling; MNP; FS; GMP; immunisation; deworming4Yes
VietnamKhan et al 22 National childhood malnutrition control programmeCross-sectional surveysChildren 0–59 months1990–2004Immunisation; IMCI; PFSA; HFP; WASH4.3Yes
Latin AmericaBrazilLima et al 23; Monteiro et al 24; Victora et al 25 National health and nutrition programmeCross-sectional surveysChildren 0–59 months, poor household1986–2006PFSA; SSN; IMCI; parental education; WASH; HFP8.4Yes
HaitiAyoya et al 26 National health and nutrition programmeCross-sectional surveysChildren 0–59 months, poor household2006–2012IYCF; Vit A and IFS; IMCI, immunisation; IMCI; FF; SSN; HFP; WASH1.05No
MexicoRivera et al 27; Leroy et al 28 Oportunidades programmeCross-sectional surveysChildren 0–24 months, poor household1988–2006Nutrition education and counselling; immunisation, GMP; FS and FF; SSN, women empowerment2.9No
PeruLechtig et al 29 The good start in life programmeBefore-and-after designRural poor children 0–36 months2000–2004Nutrition education and counselling; GMP; IYCF; Vit A and IFS; immunisation; FF; WASH, child psychosocial stimulation4.3Yes
AfricaEthiopiaFenn et al 30 The child caring practices projectCross-sectional surveysChildren 6–36 months, poor household2004–2009Nutrition education and counselling; IYCF; MNP; IMCI; immunisations; SSN; HFP2.42No
MalawiKalimbira et al 31 Integrated community-based micronutrient and health programmeCross-sectional surveysRural children 6–59 months, poor household1996–2005Nutrition education and counselling; Vit A and IFS; FF; deworming; malaria prevention and treatment; WASH; HIV testing and referral2.4No
NigerAmouzou et al 32 Child survival programmeCross-sectional surveysChildren 0–59 months, poor household1998–2009Malaria prevention and treatment3.3Yes
Sub-Saharan AfricaRemans et al 33; Pronyk et al 34 Millennium villageCross-sectional surveysRural children 0–24 months, poor household2006–2009Nutrition education and counselling; GMP; IYCF; Vit A and IFS; MNP; immunisations; IMCI; PFSA; access to local healthcare; WASH; telemedicine; malaria prevention and treatment, SSN6.7Yes
  • AARR, average annual rate of reduction; FF, food fortification; FS, food supplementation; GMP, child growth monitoring and promotion; HFP, health and family planning services; IYCF, infant and young child feeding; MNP, multiple micronutrient powder; PFSA, Poverty and food security alleviation; SSN, Social safety net; Vit A and IFS, vitamin A and iron-folic acid supplementation; WASH, water, sanitation and hygiene.