Table 2

Characteristics of parents

ID* Participant(s) in interview Age of child Admission type Length of admission LLC Outcome of admission§
P40 Both parents<1 monthEmergency>1 month YesOngoing ill health
P41 Both parents<1 monthEmergency>1 month YesDeath
P42 Mother**1–12 monthsEmergency<2 weeksYesDeath
P45 Both parents1–4 yearsEmergency2–4 weeksNoOngoing ill health
P55 Mother1–4 yearsEmergency2–4 weeks NoRecovery
P56 Both parents1–12 monthsElective<2 weeksNoRecovery
P58 Mother1–4 yearsEmergency<2 weeksNoOngoing ill health
P59 Both parents1–4 yearsEmergency<2 weeksYesOngoing ill health
P60 Mother<1 monthEmergency2–4 weeksNoRecovery
P61 Mother1–4 yearsEmergency<2 weeksNoOngoing ill health
P62 Mother1–4 yearsElective<2 weeksNoRecovery
P63 Mother**1–4 yearsElective<2 weeksNoRecovery
P64 Mother<1 monthEmergency<2 weeksNoRecovery
P65 Both parents1–12 monthsEmergency<2 weeksNoRecovery
  • *Participant identifier.

  • †Period of time given to aid anonymity.

  • ‡Life-limiting condition, as categorised by Hain and Devins.40

  • §Recovery is where children leave paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) with an improvement in their preadmission baseline health; ongoing ill health is where the children leave PICU with a deficit to their baseline health.

  • ¶Includes time on ward due to multiple readmissions to PICU during hospital stay.

  • **A supportive other was also present but did not participate in the interview.

  • ††Total length of stay on ward plus PICU as times were unclear.