Table 2

Drowning deaths of children with pre-existing medical conditions, by diagnosis, age, sex and incidence. Total population survey, Australia, 2002/03–2011/12 (n=53)

NSexAge (years)Prevalence/drowning deathsGeneral population prevalence 0–14 yearsRelative Risk (RR)RR Confidence Interval (CI)RR statistical significanceReferences
Epilepsy1910984.10.7–1.72.4–5.81.3 to 13.7p <0.001 27 41
Autism, psychological adjustment problems1311252. to 2.3p=0.667 24
Intellectual disabilities54151. to 0.6p <0.01 28
Asthma4225.50.910.0−15.10.05–0.090.0 to 0.3p <0.001 24 28 29
Neuromuscular disease, paralysis220110. to 14.9p=0.458 31