Table 3

Presence of chronic disabling fatigue (CDF) in males and females by presence at previous time point

 Based on multiple imputation*
n/total (%)
Imputed OR (95% CI)*
 CDF at age 16CDF at 1330/119 (25.2%)19.7 (7.4–52.7)
No CDF at 13117/7101 (1.6%)
 CDF at age 18CDF at 1638/147 (25.9%)17.1 (5.0–58.6)
No CDF at 16139/7073 (2.0%)
 CDF at age 16CDF at 1321/86 (24.4%)14.2 (5.0–39.8)
No CDF at 13143/6672 (2.1%)
 CDF at age 18CDF at 1640/165 (24.2%)10.0 (4.3–23.4)
No CDF at 16202/6593 (3.1%)
  • *Imputations based on previous CDF, maternal age at delivery, maternal education, total family index score recorded during pregnancy, total family adversity index (FAI) score recorded when the child was 8–10 years old, three additional components of the FAI recorded at 8–10 years, total authorised absences during year 11 of schooling, total unauthorised absences during year 11 of schooling, mean Key Stage 2 mark and total score on the Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire measured when the child was 11.