Table 6

Changes made (or not) in response to interventions (FFH and control) as reported at 12 months at parental interview

Category of type of change related to the interventionControl group
Number of families
Illustrative quote
Intervention group
Number of families
Illustrative quote
No change made related to the intervention02
“It didn't work out… The children don't like the healthy, that is also hard, and the time, it's really for healthy foods you need more time. It's quicker to put on the fries or to call for something, that is the problem.” Parent 110A
Change not sustained5
“[Child] goes to my mum's quite a bit, so there's chocolates and my mum bakes so there's lot of things…I mean we're also guilty and we need as parents to lead by example, so both (other parent] and I have perhaps slipped a little bit like crisps have started coming back in the house, there's been chocolate in the fridge, the sugar filled drinks have, you know.” Parent 40A
“What I find hard is sustaining it because I don't know… I presume it's normal but since we finished what, 9 months ago did we finish, there's been no reinforcement of it, so we started really well and it's just kind of petered off.” Parent 29A
Single changesFood change6
“I want my little one to eat more fruit, so I encourage him. He's very…he has always been so happy when he gets a bag of crisps or a bag of chocolate, but then now when I buy him like fruit or something he's happy as well.” Parent 100A
Portion size, definitely changed that. He (the child] still has a little plate anyway. He still has plastic plates, that hasn't changed because once you put food on a big plate you automatically fill the plate.” Parent 109A
“I usually park about ten minutes away from the school and he will walk that ten minutes.” Parent 49A

Multiple changes

Parenting-food change

“[Child] has like low fat snacks and natural yoghurts and stuff like that in his lunchbox now. He doesn't have major fattening stuff anymore. I don't buy big chocolate bars and things like I did. That ‘who's in charge of what children eat’ was a tough one because it's trying to get him to realise that if I say no I mean no.” Parent 72A

“So last night we had lamb chops and salad. It's everything is cooked fresh here and it was never a problem of that, [Child ]'s overeating with the bread and trying to get comfort from sort of the bread. Now she will eat her meals, she will eat her school meal or her sandwiches for school, her breakfast in the morning, and then we don't really pick again after that. There's no asking for toast, we just go through to tea, then bedtime.” Parent 75A

Multiple food changes

“They drink lots more water now. The majority I buy is water now and they will drink things like that whereas before they never used to… Like sweet things are more of a treat now than the norm. I am not just constantly buying that. The shopping's changed, I look at the more healthier options and I am looking at how many calories is in something whereas before I didn't. They taught us how to read the back of labels and what is in them, the calories thing cos I never used to know how to work that out. So that has changed. I just go for more of the healthier options now. Like [Child A]'s lunch box is different, it has got loads of fruit in it and things like that.” Parent 33A

“Things get left in the saucepan and if you want more, it is get up and go and get some rather than put it all out on the plate to start off with…I do look at food labelling, a lot, a lot. I must have gone on about this so much at families for health, I have done shopping online now for probably about 18 months, but I have more time now. And so you sit and think ‘well do I want that one?’ so I do look a l lot more.” Parent 10A

Exercise and multiple food changes

“We started karate. We started that about six months ago now. We have all been doing that. I bought a bike so we are doing a bit more cycling… I have been getting healthier food in. Things like yogurts…Breakfast bars instead of sweets and chocolates.” Parent 36A

“[Child ] joined the gym, because they went in on a taster sessions and enjoyed it …she's been going three times a week, yes. She quite enjoys it… We use the side plates because the side plates are actually quite big. Because she always has to have seconds… so we give her a small portion at first and then she can have seconds… There's no biscuits in the house, and we only buy now like healthy… the healthier crisps… We don't buy the rubbish now, none of the sweets.” Parent 61A