Table 1

Predeparture medical assessment (includes all or some of the following).7 8

Initial medical consultationHistory and physical examination, review of immunisation history
Chest radiograph≥11 years of age
Diagnostic tests for TB*Sputum smear and culture testing
Other laboratory investigationsHost-country dependent; eg, HIV/syphilis serology (≥15 years), urinalysis
ImmunisationsHost-country dependent; eg, MMR
Detection/presumptive treatment of specific conditionsHost-country dependent; eg, RDT for malaria (treatment of malaria, if positive) and/or anti-helminth therapy
Pre-embarkation ‘fitness-to-travel’ checkA rapid assessment 24–72 h before departure to detect new conditions that could compromise the safety of refugees and other passengers
Transfer of relevant health information to appropriate immigration or public health authoritiesRefugees with specific health concerns (eg, TB) sign a Health Undertaking and are required to undergo medical assessment post arrival to the host country
  • *Where abnormal chest radiograph suspicious of TB.

  • MMR, measles, mumps, rubella vaccination; RDT, rapid diagnostic testing; TB, tuberculosis.