Table 1

Paediatric Ulcerative Colitis Activity Index (PUCAI)8

(1) Abdominal pain
 No pain0
 Pain can be ignored5
 Pain cannot be ignored10
(2) Rectal bleeding
 Small amount only, in <50% of stools10
 Small amount with most stools20
 Large amount (>50% of stool content)30
(3) Stool consistency of most stools
 Partially formed5
 Completely unformed10
(4) Number of stools per 24 h
(5) Nocturnal stools (any episode causing wakening)
(6) Activity level
 No limitation of activity0
 Occasional limitation of activity5
 Severely restricted activity10
PUCAI total (0–85)
  • PUCAI score <10, remission; 10–34, mild; 35–64, moderate; ≥65, severe.