Table 2

Number and percentages of VMWs performing OSCE B items at 3 (n=67) and 12 (n=65) months post HBB training

Correct OSCE B sequence3 months (n=67)12 months (n=65)McNemar's
nPer centnPer centp Value
1. Prepares for a birth00.023.1
2. Dries thoroughly and removes wet cloth2334.34366.2<0.001
3. Keeps warm, positions head, clears airway46.01015.4>0.05
4. Stimulates breathing by rubbing the back2537.34670.8<0.001
5. Cuts cord and moves to area for ventilation or cuts cord and ventilates alongside mother1217.95787.7<0.05
6. Starts ventilation within the Golden Minute2537.34772.3<0.005
7. Chooses correct mask size6698.56396.9>0.05
8. Mask applied correctly2943.35076.6<0.001
9. Ventilates at 40 bpm (30–50 bpm acceptable)1826.93249.2<0.05
10. Demonstrates at least 5 chest wall movements with FMV4973.13858.4>0.05*
11. Demonstrates at least 10 chest wall movements with FMV5582.03147.7>0.05*
  • *Two-tailed Fisher's exact test was used to calculate these p values.

  • FMV, face-mask ventilation; HBB, Helping Babies Breathe; OSCE, Objective Structured Clinical Examination; VMW, village midwife.