Table 2

Selected variables from the national survey Young People in Compulsory Schools for the period 2000–2014*

PercentagePercentagePercentagePercentagePercentage (n)
Health and well-beingHow good is your physical health (good/very good)?Boys85848685 (2791)
798278 (2718)
How good is your psychological health (good/very good)?Boys85858786 (2813)
Girls74787872 (2506)
In the past 7 days, how often have you felt that your future is hopeless (at times/often)?Boys1099911 (348)
Girls1316131621 (734)
Health behaviourHow often have you been smoking in the past 30 days (one or more cigarettes daily)?Boys128731 (45)
Girls1410722 (63)
How often have you been drunk in the past 30 days (once or more)?Boys23171153 (111)
Girls27201554 (131)
SchoolI feel bad in school (often/almost always)Boys107767 (220)
Girls777710 (337)
I find my studies without a meaning (often/almost always)Boys9811910 (323)
Girls45646 (205)
I have bad relations with my teachers (often/almost always)Boys12101077 (234)
Girls67544 (151)
Financial situationHow many hours paid work per week do you have in addition to your school work (10+h/week)?Boys1111966 (190)
Girls13181167 (250)
My parents are financially not well-off (often/almost always)BoysN/A3443 (113)
Girls4777 (226)
Parental supportI am with my parents during weekends (seldom/almost never)Boys3126221512 (409)
Girls3029231311 (386)
My parents monitor with whom I am in the evening (applies well/very well)Boys4360656370 (2312)
Girls6074818183 (2877)
SportI train and compete in a sports club (four times a week or more often)Boys3236384344 (917)
Girls2428313535 (767)
  • *Conducted by the Icelandic Centre for Social Research and Analysis (

  • †Data from 2006 on self-rated health is from the international survey Health and Behaviour of School Aged Children.