Table 2

Medical history, respiratory symptoms, diagnosis and laryngeal findings in 20 adolescents hospitalised for congenital laryngomalacia (CLM) and 20 healthy control subjects with no such history

p Value
Use of asthma medication
 Previously (discontinued medication)500.02
Self-reported dyspnoea during exercise111<0.001
Laryngeal characteristics at rest*
 Prominent arytaenoids1480.06
 Prominent ω-shaped epiglottis111<0.001
 Both levels900.001
Laryngeal characteristics†
During exercise; that is, Maat-D 2 or 3142<0.001
  • Except p values the figures are numbers with the characteristic in question. p Values are calculated using Fisher's exact test.

  • *Background information was missing for two patients in the CLM group.

  • †Results from laryngoscopy (standardised visual score according to Maat et al30).