Table 1

The weighted Paediatric Crohn's Disease Activity Index16

History (recall, 1 week)
Abdominal pain
0=none10=mild: brief, does not interfere with activities20=moderate/severe: daily, longer lasting, affects activities, nocturnal______
Patient functioning, general well-being
0=no limitation of activities, well10=occasional difficulty in maintaining age appropriate activities, below par20=frequent limitation of activity, very poor______
Stools (per day)
0=0–1 liquid stools, no blood7.5=up to 2 semiformed with small blood, or 2–5 liquid15=gross bleeding, or ≥6 liquid or nocturnal diarrhoea______
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
0≤20 mm/h7.5=20–50 mm/h15≥50 mm/h______
0≥3.5 g/dL10=3.1–3.4 g/dL20≤3.0 g/dL______
0=weight gain or voluntary weight stable/loss5=involuntary weight stable, weight loss 1%–9%10=weight loss ≥10%______
Perianal disease
0=none, asymptomatic tags7.5=1–2 indolent fistula, scant drainage, no tenderness15=active fistula, drainage, tenderness or abscess______
Extraintestinal manifestations
 fever ≥38.5°C for 3 days over last week, definite arthritis, uveitis, erythema nodosum and pyoderma gangrenosum
0=none10=one or more______
Total score (0–125)
  • Remission <12.5; mild 12.5–40; moderate 40–57.5; severe disease activity >57.5.