Table 1

Excluded papers with reasons

Excluded paperReason
Alam et al13Adult RCT
Alvarez Calatayud et al14Not RCT
Cojocaru et al15Not randomised trial (alternate patient entry)
Guarino et al16Review article
Huighebaert et al 7Review article
Lehert et al9Review and meta-analysis
Mehta et al18Not RCT
Pieścik-Lech et al19Review article
Rao20Not RCT
Rautenberg et al21Not RCT
Tebruegge22Review article discussing another trial
Tormo et al23Review article
Savitha24Abstract study, never published in full, author contacted and responded but could not supply further data to judge inclusion
Szajewska et al8Previous systematic review
  • RCT, randomised controlled trial.