Table 3

Investigations conducted in paediatric admissions to Clinical Information Network hospitals

IndicatorMedian percentage in H1–H13 (%)Range (%)
HIV testing among all admissions
 HIV test ordered342–64
 HIV status ascertained3812–76
 HIV status previously known10–6
Children with danger signs6752–85
 Blood glucose in children with danger signs181–63
Total fever cases8071–88
 Fever cases with malaria diagnosis120–92
 Urine test (dipstix, microbiology and culture) ordered among children with fever31–14
 Microbiology and culture test30–24
 Blood culture done among children with fever00–5
Patients treated for malaria on admission100–88
 Percentage with negative malaria slides320–100
 Haemoglobin ordered for admissions with severe pallor81–37
 Haemoglobin results available for admissions with severe pallor8550–94
Pneumonia admissions5022–55
 Chest X-ray ordered94–31
Patients treated for meningitis on admission133–21
 Lumbar puncture ordered6638–95
 Lumbar puncture result available5815–79