Table 4

Treatment of common childhood illnesses in admissions to Clinical Information Network hospitals

IndicatorMedian per cent in H1-H13 (%)Range (%)
Clinician's diagnosis of malaria100–88
 Proportion treated with artesunate250–79
 Proportion treated with quinine20–75
 Proportion starting treatment on oral ACT61–50
Clinician’s diagnosis of meningitis133–21
 Proportion treated with penicillin and chloramphenicol510–86
 Proportion treated with ceftriaxone alone120–83
Clinician’s diagnosis of severe acute malnutrition (not meningitis)63–17
 Proportion treated with F75 or F100 or RUTF599–130
 Proportion treated with penicillin and gentamicin6518–87
Pneumonia (excluding meningitis and severe acute malnutrition)4120–48
 Proportion treated with penicillin and gentamicin4012–65
 Proportion treated with penicillin alone3316–60
 Proportion starting treatment with amoxicillin20–32
Clinician’s diagnosis of diarrhoea/dehydration3019–43
 Proportion treated with zinc7127–89
Gentamicin prescriptions209–55
 Gentamicin overdose (>20% recommended dose)20–5
 Gentamicin overdose (>50% recommended dose)10–2
  • ACT – artemisinin based combination therapy RUTF, ready-to-use therapeutic feeds.