Table 3

Multivariable regression of nine predictors of parenteral antibiotic duration

VariableCoefficient (change in days)95% CIp Value
Age in weeks*−0.2−0.3 to −0.080.002
Non-Escherichia coli organism2.20.8 to 3.60.003
Positive repeat blood culture during acute treatment3.51.2 to 5.90.004
Year of blood culture*−0.2−0.4 to −0.030.028
Male gender0.90.01 to 1.80.048
Ill appearance1.5−0.05 to 3.00.06
Extended spectrum β-lactamase producing organism3.0−1.0 to 7.00.1
Comorbidity1.0−1.2 to 3.20.4
Temperature >39°C on presentation0.4−0.5 to 1.30.4
  • *Age in weeks was grand-mean centred at 5.6 weeks and year of blood culture was grand-mean centred at 2009. Only the model intercept is affected by such centring; it was 6.5 days (95% CI 5.8 to 7.3 days).