Abstract G10 Table 1
PatientAge at first symptom (y=years, m=months)Presenting featureAge at diagnosisTumour typeReason for imagingSymptom todiagnosis time
11 y 6 mClumsy, speech delay4 y 8 mCerebellar pilocytic astrocytomaHeadache, vomiting3 y 2 m
22 yToe walking4 yThalamic glial tumourContractures2 y
33 mHand preference, motor delay7 mInfantile gangliogliomaClenched fist, hypertonia4 m
41 yHand neglect, motor and speech delay1 y 5 mPilomyxoid astrocytomaHemiplegia5 m
52 yHand neglect, clumsy5 yPilocytic astrocytomaNot using hand (recognised by school)3 y
65 yExtreme prematurity, developmental delay, concerns regarding vision5 y 6 mParieto-occipital ependymomaHeadaches, vomiting, visual deterioration with falls6 m
77 y 1 mBumping into objects, clumsy, fine motor difficulty8 y 1 mGangliogliomaHeadaches, nystagmus1 y
81 y 6 mDelayed motor and speech development, change in hand preference3 y 9 mThalamic high-grade astrocytomaVomiting, loss of speech, falls2 y 3 m
92 y 7 mUnsteady gait, behavioural problems3yMedulloblastomaVomiting, falls5 m