Table 3

Adjusted Effect of Mentoring and Enhanced Supervision at Health Centres (MESH) on Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Integrated Assessment Index*

Model predictorsβ-Coefficient95% CI
Effect of MESH intervention
  Southern Kayonza0.170.12–0.22
Child age <2 years0.030.01–0.05
Child male0.02−0.03–0.08
Child presented with cough−0.02−0.03–0.00
Child presented with fever−0.04−0.06–-0.02
Health centre started receiving PIH support recently versus historic support0.03−0.03–0.10
Health centre received ≥12 mentoring visits during intervention period versus fewer−0.01−0.08–0.06
Proportion of essential oral and injectable drugs available at baseline−0.02−0.63–0.59
Health centre had greater than median under-five patient volume versus fewer−0.05−0.11–0.02
  • *Adjusted for the covariables listed and for clustering at the nurse level.

  • PIH, Partners In Health.