Table 1

Mortality rates in UK and Sweden: 2006-2008, ICD classification

 Mortality rates per 100 000 population
ICD codeDisease0–27 days28 days–4 yearsTotal under 5
P0–96Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period296.997.227.810.4324.6107.6
Q0–99Congenital malformations and chromosomal anomalies68.650.043.738.7112.188.6
R0–99Symptoms, signs, abnormal clinical and laboratory findings not elsewhere classified7.821.033.823.441.544.3
G0–99Diseases of the nervous system4.02.521.211.725.114.2
V0–Y89External causes of morbidity and mortality3.71.315.512.119.213.3
A0–B99Certain infectious and parasitic diseases0.43.518.17.918.411.4
J0–J99Diseases of the respiratory system0.10.317.
I0–99Diseases of the circulatory system2.71.311.72.814.44.1
E0–90Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases4.
K0–93Diseases of the digestive system0.
D50–89Diseases of the blood and blood forming organs and immune system0.
N0–90Diseases of the genitourinary system001.
M0–99Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue disorders000.
L0–99Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue0.
H0–95Diseases of the eye, ear and adnexa000.
F0–99Mental and behavioural disorders000.