Table 4

Papers in synthesis by focus and participants

FocusStudies (papers in the same row report the same study)Participants n 650
CYPFamily members/carersProfessionals
Diabetes studiesMixed condition studies (minimum number of CYP with diabetes)*Diabetes studiesMixed condition studies (minimum carers with CYP with diabetes) *Diabetes studiesMixed condition studies (minimum professionals with responsibility for diabetes)*
Information, education and support resourcesEiser et al16271813
Waller et al17 Knowles et al182429
Waller et al194848
Christie et al2064 mostly mothers
Hummelinck and Pollock 2127 (3)
Kirk et al15‡§18 (2)31 (6) mostly mothers36 (6)
Williams et al12§46 (16)52 (1)11 (1)
TransitionAllen et al13 144639 mothers38
Price et al2211
Price et al239
Coping in schoolBoden et al245
Marshall et al2547
Newbould et al 26‡§69 (26)69 (26)
Smith et al 27‡§27 (2)27 (2)
GeneralDovey-Pearce et al2819
Brierley et al3114
Home management from diagnosisLowes et al3238
Total participants197(46)236(38)126(7)
  • *Figures show minimum possible totals for children, young people or young adults (CYP) with diabetes where sample size was reported by source of recruitment only27 ,15; for CYP generally where sample size was reported by method of data collection only;12 ,27 and for carers where the number of parents participating in each family was not described.19 ,26 ,27

  • Includes type 2 diabetes.

  • Participants’ diabetes type unclear.

  • §Includes children under 11 years.